Dresselhaus Ventures is a top performing Berlin-based Venture Capital Firm focusing mainly on Pre-Seed/Seed and Series B/C stage investments. We invested in over 25 companies worldwide.


Featured Companies


This German fashion label has been providing individualistic women with the means to express themselves through their clothing for over a decade. A strong, loyal customer base and a dedicated designer who creates trends rather than following them are what drew me to Blutgeschwister.


A brand new way to learn online, making education available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. I invested in Eduvee because I believe access to quality education is one of the most important fundamental rights, and their approach to online learning has the potential to change the lives of many who badly need it.

Rheingau Founders

A professional co-founder for internet and mobile businesses that helps exciting new media startups get off the ground quicker and more efficient; it's the ideas of guys like these that make Berlin such an exciting place to work. Our common experiences with investing helped us build a level of trust that every great business relationship needs – like a good marriage but with way more sex.


Generally we like to invest in scalable online-businesses, mainly in the Seed and Start-Up stage and in the realms of Financial Technologies, Education, Mobile, SaaS, Platforms and Tech in general. We also invest in Fashion Labels and Lifestlye brands.

People who are solving
important problems
Creative Geniuses who
follow through with ideas
People who think big
and think differently
People with a bucketload
of experience
Hip fashion labels looking
to grow or to restructure
People who can handle a
beer or two

What do our portfolio companies say about us?

We always try to add as much value to our portfolio companies as we can.
Here's what some of our previous companies have said about us.

“DV is a great partner with deep understanding and passion for the products themselves. They challenge the status quo and helps make our products and sales activities better. I especially like working with DV because they are always at eye level with me and my employees.”

Dr Stephan Künz, CEO, Blutgeschwister
“As a young company, we were very happy to partner with DV. They believed in me and my team from the beginning and their knowledge of financing, term sheets and all the legal stuff related to funding helped me a lot in growing our company and taking on further investors in the right way.”

Florian Spathelf, CEO, Meine Spielzeugkiste

Dresselhaus Ventures Team

Entrepreneurs, Investors, Backgammon fanatics

Rouven Dresselhaus is Founding Partner at Dresselhaus Ventures. He has invested in more than 20 companies in the internet and mobile industries. Until 2013, Mr. Dresselhaus worked for Capnamic Ventures and Morten Sondergaard. Prior to entering the Venture Capital industry, Mr. Dresselhaus served KPMG as a consultant for two years. He holds degrees from EBS Business School, Oestrich-Winkel, and EAE Business School, Barcelona.
"It’s all about skill and strategy"
Thomas Olszewski is Investment Manager at Dresselhaus Ventures. He ran an electronics resell business at the University of Exeter, where he received a BA in Economics and Psychology. Prior to joining Dresselhaus Ventures in 2015, Mr. Olszewski worked for Verition, a top performing hedge fund in the New York area. While working at the NASDAQ stock exchange, he led software development teams.
Integrity and courage are the two most important values for us. We always strive to live up to our values and we expect the same from our business partners.
"We want to see you succeed"
Still, it is the entrepreneurs like YOU that fascinate us, especially if you dare to think out of the box and do something different than all the other entrepreneurs out there. We want to see you succeed, so we bring more than just money to our portfolio companies; with our experience and industry contacts, we can make the difference and contribute to our common success.

Got something for us? Let us hear about it already!